We enable organizations to harness the potential of social computing and unlock the hidden performance’s and productivity.


We have served more than 300 clients in SMB as well as in the Enterprise to go Mobile. Our #goMobile strategy unlocks the barriers & enables businesses to spread faster and gain scale easier.


We empower investment banks to retailers to harness the value of data. Our Analytics solutions empowers more than 500 clients across various geographies everyday.


Cloud computing makes you stop worrying about your IT Infrastructure and focus on your business.TDB cloud offers Applications delivered to you whenever you want wherever you want it.

Explore Endless Possibilities with Us. Transform your IT.

1World Data is Transforming the world

1World Data is the World's premier search engine, it offers country information on Population, Geography, Economics, Education, Governments, Natural Resources and Current Affairs among many other topics.

Enterprise & SMB Mobility Solutions

Leading Edge Technology and Award winning professional services and support, to help you go mobile

Social Customer Community Software

Manage Social Conversations with your Clients wherever you want, whenever you want. Turn your online property into a Social Destination and drive sales. Achieve excellence in Customer Support.

Turn your business Mobile to harness the strength of Zero Geography

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More than 1100+ businesses relies on The Design Boyz

  • “We want to be more nimble, we want to be faster.” That’s the mission of 1World Data.

  • “With TDB Apps, we can do everything large banks do even though we’re a boutique bank”

  • “TDB is critical to helping us innovate faster — to collapse geography
    and take the best”

  • “With predictive maintenance solution from TDB Benza is always live and up to date”

  • “Scientific Search and Analytics from TDB is powering Limitless for Limitless growth”