WPX Hosting Review 2021 – Blogger’s Opinions

People fall easily for attractive websites of worthless hosting providers and don’t really know about the details of what they are buying. They regret it later. A lot of web hosting providers focus on their websites rather than services. And that is the reason some people are deceived. Now how do you choose the right host for your website? Well, we’ve done some research and chosen the one that will most probably suit you the best. That is WPX Hosting. We are going to review WPX Hosting’s pricing and plans, features, and performance. This will give you a clue of who is going to be your website’s final host.

WPX Hosting Review

WPX Hosting Review

WPX Hosting is a Bulgaria-based WordPress hosting provider. It was established in 2013 by Terry Kyle, an experienced tech entrepreneur. Its goal was to provide the best hosting services in the whole industry. WPX Hosting offers WordPress hosting at fair prices. Its hosting plans have never-ending resources and unmatchable features. WPX Hosting also offers domain registration. They offer free website migration. Their team will manage the technical details and your website will be transferred to their hosting within 24 hrs. WPX Hosting’s webpage loading speed is just unbeatable. They have their customer CDN and also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

WPX Hosting Pricing and Plans

WPX Hosting has comparably lower prices than most of the mainstream hosting providers. They also offer different kinds of discounts on their services. This is a reason they have more customers than anyone. WPX Hosting offers two plans mainly: Monthly and Yearly. Each of these plans has three sub-deals. These deals are well-crafted according to the needs of their customers. The prices on the yearly plans are cheaper than those on the monthly plans. They also offer a lot of free services with their plans. Their main plans are the following.

WPX Hosting Monthly Plans

WPX Hosting has three deals in their monthly plans: Business, Professional, and Elite. These plans have a lot of resources and features. The cheapest of these plans, Business, starts at a mere $24.99 per month or you can apply this WPX Promo Code to get an immediate 60% discount on the plan which has a 10 GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth. The next plan, Professional, which costs $49.99 monthly, has 20 GB storage and 200 GB bandwidth. Lastly, the Elite plan will set you back a magnificent amount of $99.00 per month. This last plan has a storage of 40 GB and unlimited bandwidth.

WPX Hosting Yearly Plans

WPX Hosting offers three deals for its yearly plan. They are the same as the monthly deals. And they also have the same amounts of resources and the same features. The only difference is the price. The prices of the yearly plans are a lot cheaper than those on the monthly plans. The lowest yearly plan starts at $20.83 monthly. Next, the Professional plan will cost you $41.53 per month. Finally, the Elite plan will set you back $83.25 a month. You will save up to $200 per year if you go with the yearly plan.

WPX Hosting Features

It is because of its astonishing features that WPX Hosting stands out from the crowd. WPX Hosting has a plethora of features that are just mindblowing. The main features that WPX Hosting has to offer include customer-built CDN, a 1-click WordPress installer, and free unlimited SSL certificates. WPX Hosting has a lot of features that are the reason for its success in recent years. A brief description of WPX Hosting’s main features is below.

1-Click WordPress Installer

WPX Hosting has a 1-click WordPress app installer. You can also install other apps like Joomla with a single click using it.

Unlimited Website Migrations

WPX Hosting allows unlimited website migrations. Their team will manage the migration process for free. And your website will be transferred to your new host within 24 hrs.

Manual and Automatic Backups

WPX Hosting offers both manual and automatic backups. They keep it for up to 28 days so you can restore it if you ever need it.

Custom CDN

Their custom-built CDN has a very high speed. It has out-ranked many of its competitive CDNs like Cloudflare and others.

Unlimited Free SSLs

WPX Hosting offers free unlimited SSL certificates that are enough to ensure your customers about the safety of your website. In this way, your website can serve as a business platform if it has SSL.

Multiple Hosting Locations

WPX Hosting provides multiple web hosting locations including the US, the UK, and Australia. Multiple locations result in a better website speed everywhere.

Strict Security

WPX Hosting is very serious about the security of its customers. They use different techniques including DDoS protection to ensure your website’s security.

Daily Malware Detection

WPX Hosting scans your website for malware and other harmful viruses daily. They remove these potentially harmful things as soon as they discover them. Consequently, your website stays safe from any kind of problem.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

They offer a full money-back guarantee of 30 days on all of their plans.

24/7 Customer Support

WPX Hosting offers 24/7 customer support to its customers via live chat and tickets.

WPX Hosting Performance

They are just unbeatable in performance. WPX Hosting has one of the highest performances in the hosting industry. Their website uptime is remarkable. Besides, its webpage loading happens at lightning speed. WPX Hosting has beaten top performers like GoDaddy, FastComet and Hostinger in the hosting industry. So you now have an idea of how they are doing in the performance aspect.

Website Uptime

WPX Hosting delivers a guaranteed uptime of 99.95% on average. In fact, man bloggers reviewed their uptime to be one of the best-performing uptime of all time.

Webpage Loading

Their webpage loading isn’t behind anyone, either. They have a tough website loading speed of between 310 and 405 ms on average.

WPX Hosting Loading Time

My Opinion

Being a blogger for over a half-decade. I’ve pretty much experienced every web host in these years. And to my surprise the one that outsources everyone else is WPX Hosting. If you are a mid-level blogger or business website owner, WPX Hosting is your host. I have compared their uptime, loading speed, pricing and shared with you some discount coupons, features, and everything else with many companies. And I was stunned when I found out that I was right by choosing WPX Hosting as a host for my new website.

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