FastComet vs SiteGround Hosting – Detailed Review!

FastComet and Siteground are the most popular choice for web hosting in 2020. So today we are going to see a detailed review. The review will describe all the features both are offering and their prices.

Choosing is web hosting is brain hurting work. Because every hosting has different plans and prices. So it becomes difficult to know which one to choose for our website. So we want to help the blogger in choosing the hosting.

However, we cannot review all the web hosting out there. So we only considering FastComet and Siteground hosting.

FastComet vs SiteGround

Let’s start our review!

FastComet Review

FastComet was a service dedicated company. They have 70+ team members who every day give their best to provide the best services. It was founded in 2013 and since then it has been growing.

Today, FastComet has become the user’s top choice while building a website. It is because of their dedication and service quality. They have been in the market for a long time and have gained a lot of loyal clients.

FastComet Services

1. Free Domain Name (1 Year)

FastComet offers a mind-blowing starter service for new users. They offer a free domain for 1 year if don’t have any. But if the user already has a domain name, then they renew the domain for 1 year for free.

FastComet Free Domain

2. SSD Cloud

FastComet uses SSD cloud storage to speed up their servers. The SSD storage provides quick access to the database and files. It is 300x faster than non-SSD servers. This technology has a huge impact on the page load time of the website.

Due to faster access to databases and files, all the content is loaded in less than a second.

3. Cloudflare CDN

FastComet offers Cloudflare CDN which gives the power to reach global users. CDN allows the website to be present nearest to the user accessing the website. So they can feel the speed and experience no slowdown.

4. Free Managed Migration

FastComet’s managed migration includes moving the entire site and its data from the old server to the FastComet server. The clients need not have to push any buttons. All the migration will be done by experts and will be moved as soon as possible.

5. Powerful Cpanel

Cpanel is the admin tool for managing the server and website. It is very powerful and is used to manipulate databases, install any software, connect domain, create subdomains. There are tons of setting and tools which you can explore later.

6. Drag & Drop Website Builder

FastComet offers a free drag and drops site builder. The builder is very easy to use and requires basic knowledge to design the website. There are built-in templates to just select and start editing.

6. Daily & Weekly Backups

In online business, creating backups is very important for the safety of the business. All the website data will be automatically backed-up daily or weekly.

There will be settings to schedule the time and duration of the backups. It becomes easier for a blogger to restore the website after any error and hacks.

7. 24/7 Support

24/7 technical support is offered to all their users. It doesn’t matter wherever the user is located. They have technical support services all over the world. so the clients are just 1 call or email away from providing solutions.

8. 100% Customer Satisfaction

FastComet prioritizes its customer’s needs before their revenue. 100% customer satisfaction is their end goal. so they offer 45 days money-back guarantee feature to make client risk free. The client can cancel the service within 45 days of the purchase to get a full refund.

FastComet is a great hosting company with genuine reviews and affordable plan prices. It has many plans, so we are only mentioning the lowest plan price which $2.95 for shared hosting.

SiteGround Review

SiteGround is an officially recommended hosting by the company is very passionate to provide extreme services and tools to its clients. They offer managed hosting and automation which reduces stress on the client.

SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround allows the client to focus on the core business part instead of server maintenance. They can leave all the technical and server related work to the SiteGroud. They have a team of experts to handle all the maintenance and updates.

Siteground was founded in 2004 with a small team and now it has grown to a 2M+ client base. Their hosting service is managed and reliable for all sizes of websites.

SiteGround Services

1. SSD Storage

SiteGround runs on SSD drives which are 300x faster than non-SSD storage. SSD storage allows the server to reduce redundancy and provide extremely fast access to the website and database.

2. Website Transfer

If the client is not confident with the migration process. Then no worries because SiteGround offers automated website transfer. All the migration is done by experts and done without any errors.

3. Unlimited Emails

For a business website, a business email is recommended to look professional. So SiteGround provides unlimited emails, the client can create and use as many emails as many required.

4. Managed WordPress

SiteGround offers a managed WordPress service that sets the client free from server work. All the servers, updates, and backups will be managed by their experts. So the client can work on their business.

5. SSL Certificate

For the security of the website, a free SSL certificate is provided with all the plans. So the user can feel safe while surfing the website.

6. Free CDN

SiteGround offers CDN service for free in all their plans. The CDN helps the website to become accessible to the users in different locations. This way the user can access data faster.

7. 30 Days Money Back

SiteGround doesn’t want their client to feel trap after purchasing their hosting plans. So a 30 days money back policy is offered with each plan. According to the policy if the client wants to cancel the plan then they can do it. After the successful cancellation of the service, a full refund will be provided to the client.

It is a good policy for clients to save their money.

SiteGround is an awesome web hosting company. It has all the services that a website requires while creating. The plan price is also affordable for everyone.

Their basic plan is called “Startup” which comes at $6.99/month.

Conclusion on FastComet vs SiteGround Hosting

It is quite difficult to differentiate both the hosting based on the services. As both of them have top-notch services and tools for the clients. So the second criteria are the price. We have not mentioned all the plan prices because it would be useless. The plan price can be seen to form its